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Wes lies on his bed, shirtless, tossing a Poke ball up in the air. Just as I got here, new dorm. Ah well. Came at a weird time anyway. 

It’s too hot.

There’s a sheen of sweat on his brow, even though a small fan is blowing on him. He sighs and lets the Poke ball fall to the ground, skittering across the hardwood floor. His hand flops limply over the side of the bed, eyes hazy. 

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What’s this? [Sneers, sizing him up with his eyes. Was he supposed to look intimidating? Her voice is laced with acidity, eyes sharp as she speaks.]

A tumbleweed managed to find its way out here? All the way from the boonies?

Oh boy.

"Nice to meet you too," he mutters. The boonies. Guess no one really thinks about Orre up here. He fixes her with a raised eyebrow, and absently scratches the side of his face, near where his scar runs. “‘You always this nice to the new kids? Surprised you even know where I’m from.” She’s pretty feisty. In pigtails and everything. Huh.

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“O-oh! I’ve heard about Orre. Isn’t it kind of wasteland-y? A giant hell hole?” Brendan’s fidgeting had slowed at the rhythm of the student’s deep voice. He was still stuttering a bit, but for the most part, his nerves had calmed down.

“Yeah! I-I’m all right. A-OK!” An awkward chortle came out of Brendan’s mouth. He mulled over the idea of telling the sallow haired young man that he was only a bit nervous, but he figured otherwise. It would only make a bad first impression.

“So, which classes are you taking? I’m majoring in coordinating, but I’m also interested in biology.”

He clears his throat. “Some parts are worse than others.” Pyrite’s not the cleanest town, and some of the outskirts are pretty beat up as well. It’s hard to catch a break. It is the desert, after all. Wes nods at the reassurance that he was “A-OK”, still not completely convinced. Not that he could reassure him anyway—he wasn’t a boy of many words.

He fishes out his schedule from his back pocket, looking it over. “Uh, I’m taking Battling 4, Auto Shop, Mechanics…some other stuff too,” he says, looking back up at Brendan. “I think my major is mechanics here. I was going to do battling, but I really don’t think I need it.” There’s a very faint air of confidence in his last sentence, almost cocky, and he does smirk a little. After all the things I did with Snagem, bringing them up and tearing them down…battling isn’t anything I really need to “improve” on. 

He latently realizes that the strange hat boy mentioned biology. “Oh, I think biology’s in here,” he says off-handedly, glancing at the schedule again before shoving it back into his pocket. Not that I’m really into it…shouldn’t mention it to this kid, though.

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Brendan catches the new student staring upward, in the direction of his hat. His cheeks flush and he starts twiddling his fingers, becoming self-conscious. He pulls his hat off a tad, letting loose a few strands of charcoal hair.

“U-uh, yeah! Heavy duty”, Brendan is now increasingly aware of every movement the rugged looking boy’s eyes make, “Yeah! They look really l-leathery and stuff… THEY’RE NICE THOUGH did I not mention that I think they’re cool they’re sort of industrial looking… w-which is a good thing.”

“So, um, you’re not from Unova, are you?”

 His gaze stays level on him, after he’s established the other boy’s features. Am I really that intimidating? …That’s kinda cool. In a way. Unless this kid’s always this fidgety. "They are pretty cool. It’s why I wear ‘em." 

He rolls his shoulders back as he shakes his head. “No, I’m from Orre. This place is a big change from the desert there.” Considering there are actually wild Pokemon that live here, and it’s not always sweltering hot. …That may also have to do with the fact that my usual wear isn’t part of the “school dress code”, whatever that means. 

"You all right, man?" The fidgeting was starting to distract him.

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Hi! My name’s Brendan! Nice to meet you- WOW LOOK AT THOSE BOOTS

He raises an eyebrow, eyes flicking down to his boots. He then nods to Brendan, his hands shoved in his pockets still. “I’m Wes. Pleasure.” is his straight-forward answer. I could actually say the same thing about that hat. Weird. 

Wes decides that it would be appropriate to say something else. He didn’t have any friends yet, after all.

"They’re heavy-duty." 

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[It wasn’t that May was in any particular hurry. After all, it was lunch time, and the lunch break period was always seemed to contain enough time to get even the longest biology assignment done with a little time to spare (she knows this from experience). However, May simply felt fast-paced today as she weaved in and out of the teachers and students walking aimlessly through the hallway. However, a certain large boot seemed to miss her field of vision. As her foot unwittingly rammed into the boy’s foot, the brunette stumbled forward.]

Whoa! [May regained balance in a couple of hops before turning to the foot’s owner] Sorry about that.. [A second glance before realizing she hasn’t seen the boy before. Was he new? Wait, or has she seen him before?… She bit her lip bit before deciding to ask.]

Uh, do we have.. a class together?

Wes watched her as she tripped, his head following her bouncy brown pigtails as she straightened up. Clumsy. These boots aren’t that big. She seems really energetic. 

Oh wait, she asked me something.

"Uh," he said coherently, looking her over a little more closely. I don’t think I’ve seen her before. Well, I haven’t seen anybody before in this school. I just transferred here, and as far as I know, Orre’s the farthest away from all the other regions we import from. And I haven’t been to any of my classes yet. 

He scratched the back of his neck and fished out a folded up piece of paper from the back of his pocket. “You can check.” She’s so…bouncy. Reminds me of Rui.

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Wes fusses with his tie, trying to fix it around his neck. He lets it go eventually, falling untied around his neck, collar still popped, a little miffed.

He then leans against the wall and stuffs his hands in his pockets.

He may or may not be open for discussion.